3 Albums to Help You Through the Pandemic

Hello friends- I have assembled a list of 3 albums to help you get through the mental toll of social distancing!

  1. Violent Femmes | Violent Femmes https://open.spotify.com/album/1IgZxMsdWaIoYyMUGrO53Y
  2. Revolver | The Beatles           https://open.spotify.com/album/3PRoXYsngSwjEQWR5PsHWR
  3. Born to Run | Bruce Springsteen https://open.spotify.com/album/43YIoHKSrEw2GJsWmhZIpu

Violent Femmes – The self-titled debut from Violent Femmes deserves a listen cover to cover. While you probably only know the first track (Blister in the Sun), that is only a glimpse into the band’s creativity. Their cohesive sound forges a new path in music. The niche of… acoustic punk? Anyways, you can feel their frontman (Gordon Gano) slip towards the edge as his lyrics become increasingly hysterical. I will listen to the first 5 songs of the album on repeat endlessly.

Favorite song: “Good Feeling”

Revolver – As if you ever need an excuse to listen to the The Beatles, Revolver just sounds insane. The precursor to “psychedelic rock” was a noticeably shift in sound from Rubber Soul, attributed to the group’s main focus becoming the studio. Each song sounds like it is out of a different world, George goes off on the sitar, and the lyrics get a lot more introspective. Instead of singing “I want to hold your hand”, John is singing ” She said I know what it’s like to be dead”.

Favorite songs: “I’m Only Sleeping” & “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Born to Run – Everyone gets obsessed with the boss’s Born in the USA, but that gets just a smidge too *yee-haw* for me. Born to Run was released 9 years earlier and sounds completely different. Springsteen’s lyrics are poetry and his songs feel like short stories being told. Clarence blares that saxophone and each track rocks. It’s also cool how each song has a clear “peak” as everything comes together.

Favorite song: “Thunder Road”